Building a global evidence ecosystem for teaching

“Building a global evidence ecosystem for teaching” – a project in partnership with the BHP Foundation

‘Building a global evidence ecosystem for teaching’ is a five year project, launched in 2018, in partnership with the BHP Foundation as part of its Global Education Equity Program.

The project encompasses four areas:

  • Developing the Teaching and Learning Toolkit, the EEF’s flagship resource for teachers and schools, to help practitioners across different countries to identify what works, for which students, and in which circumstances;
  • Testing different teaching and learning approaches across different countries. A new £5 million Global Trials Fund will accelerate the discovery of new evidence that is relevant both globally and to English schools;
  • Building a network of evidence hubs similar to EEF’s Research Schools, in partnership with local education jurisdictions that will disseminate the evidence and identify innovative approaches that will help transform the teaching and learning of the future
  • Establishing EEF-style organisations in partner countries to act as evidence brokers and encourage the adoption of evidence-based policy at a national level.

As part of this project we are actively seeking opportunities to work with other countries keen to integrate evidence into their educational systems. If you share our mission and want to explore opportunities to get involved, please contact