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School uniform is the clothing pupils are required to wear at school. Uniforms vary from the very formal (requiring blazers) to more informal (involving just a school sweatshirt). Schools have uniforms in different styles and colours to identify pupils as attending a particular institution. Uniforms are required in most schools in the UK.

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Evidence Rating

There are no systematic reviews or meta-analyses of well-controlled interventions of a school uniform policy. The evidence rests mainly on correlational studies that have compared the performance of schools with uniforms to those without, or that have examined a school's trajectory of improvement after the introduction of school uniform. The most rigorous reviews and analyses have so far been unable to establish a causal link, but speculate that adoption of a uniform policy may provide a symbolic and public commitment to school improvement. Overall, the evidence is rated as very limited.

Additional Cost Information

The costs associated with introducing a school uniform are very low and mainly depend on parents buying the uniform instead of other clothing the child would wear.


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Summary of effects

Single Studies Effect size FSM effect size
Samuels, K.S. (2003)
0.03 - Language arts
-0.06 - Mathematics
Sowell, R. E. (2012)
0.02 - Reading
Yeung, R. (2009)
0.00 - Reading (2nd grade)
Median effect size 0.01  

The right hand column provides detail on the specific outcome measures or, if in brackets, details of the intervention or control group.